Cppcon 2023 Trip Report

NOTE: I’m writing this in the few days after CppCon 2023, so all the thoughts are still fresh in my head. Maybe I’ll change opinions after I’ve had time to digest things a bit more, but here’s my thoughts shortly after the conference. So Many Talks Highlights Let’s start with my list of the best few talks at the conference (of the ones I attended). I’ve picked these for a variety of reasons - some are very thought provoking, some taught me a load of new things, and some are just plain fun.

Making Friends With Cuda Programmers (Please constexpr all the things)

This post goes into slightly more detail on the content I presented as a lightning talk at CppCon 2023. You can find some links to the various resources below: Google Drive version of the presentation here Google Drive version of the charts (plus raw data) here GitHub repo with scripts I used to generate the charts (and README going into more detail on correctness) Video link to come at some point in the future Application Form Submission Here’s what I wrote in the application form:

A Concert Trip to LA and Chicago

After spending some time with family in San Diego, I took a detour through LA on my way to Chicago for a concert. I spent ~2 days in each city, and tried to make the most of it, with very little planning done ahead of time. Below, I describe the day-by-day itinerary, with some thoughts scattered throughout. Los Angeles Monday I ended up driving to LA from near San Diego instead of taking a flight, which was my original plan.

HTTPS with Let's Encrypt On AWS EC2 To Serve Flask Behind Nginx

I originally tried doing this with Apache. Getting the certificate with Apache wasn’t too bad, but getting the Flask setup served behind Apache was rough. Turns out Nginx was a lot simpler, so I’ve rewritten the instructions below for Nginx, and preserved the raw notes for Apache further down. Cert With Certbot Install nginx on your ec2 instance 1 sudo amazon-linux-extras install nginx1 Just using nginx to deploy flask to production You’ll want to use Let’s Encrypt to create a cert.

Learning to Scuba on a Maui Vacation

Actual Itinerary This reflects what I actually did, not what I had planned. Originally, for example, I had planned on doing Scuba the first 2 days, but due to occupancy they had to move me back a day, which meant I couldn’t do the road to hana on the day I had signed up for the black sand beach. Day 1: Sunday 5/28 - Arrival 3:30 PM - Arrive at OGG 4:00 PM - pickup rental car from Sixt Check in to hotel at Kihei Walk along coastline and enjoy sunset at Sunset Beach Thoughts Probably should have tried to get a reservation at a fancy restaurant ahead of time, and then had a nice dinner somewhere.

Removing Exif Data From Images in Git

Cleaning History In WSL, strip everything: 1 2 3 python3 ./strip_exif.py "$(find content/posts/static -path ./themes -prune -o -type f \( -iname "*.jpg" -o -iname "*.jpeg" -o -iname "*.png" -o -iname "*.gif" \) -print)" git commit -m "Something" git push origin main Then, install BFG, and run it to remove all of the images from our previous commits (except the most recent one, where we’ve stripped everything of EXIF information).