Poster Printing in Pittsburgh

I wanted to print a bunch of photos I’d taken on my cell phones over the years on very short notice (printed Friday, needed by the following Tuesday EOD). I’d never done this before, so this post contains the things I’ve learned. I tried to optimize for wall coverage (lots of posters at a large size) and minimized cost. Print Resolution / Size I always set my cell phone camera to save at full resolution, which has been 4:3.

A Harry Potter-Oriented Trip to Universal Orlando

Overall Logistics Universal studios is where the more classic universal properties are, e.g. Jurassic Park, Simpsons, Men In Black. Islands of Adventure has other stuff. Monday was busier than Tuesday, Tuesday had maybe ~30 mins max waits for even normal rides at Universal Studio, though a little longer at islands of adventure On Monday, I got through all of islands of adventure, and part of universal, after arriving at ~8:20 (20 minutes into early open), and leaving at 8pm On Tuesday, I was tired and arrived at ~10am, and left at ~5:30 Be prepared for lots of walking I booked two separate hotels for 2 nights: Endless Summer (Dockside), which was ~150 / night, for Sunday night.

Windows Remote Development Tips

Port Forwarding (Tunnel) With SSH 1 ssh -L local_port:remote_host:remote_port username@jump_host -N -f Arguments (see man page): -L [bind_address:]port:host:hostport: Which port to forward -N: Executes no command, creating a shell that’s just forwarding the port. It’ll look like it’s hanging. -f: Put ssh process in background Remote Development Through a Jump Host Remote Machine Setup Go into the Developer Settings (search for it in the Start Menu), and then enable all of the Remote Desktop options Follow the guide here to install OpenSSH server on the remote machine, which will also include scp Windows Remote Desktop The Windows Remote Desktop port is 3339 by default.

Setting Up a Synology NAS

Hardware Synology DiskStation DS1621+ 6-Bay NAS Enclosure 1x WD 12TB Red Plus NAS Drive 1x Toshiba 12TB MG Series Enterprise Drive (MG07ACA12TE) 1x CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS System, 1500VA/1000W, 12 Outlets, AVR, Mini Tower General Setup I poked through the settings myself for a while to try to turn on all of the security settings, and lock everything down as much as possible. Afterwards, I checked this guide to find anything I had missed.

Building My Dream Developer Battlestation

The Desk The desk is a slightly custom standing desk, built from the following components. This is v2 of the desk, with v1 being inspired by the infamous Amazon door desk. Uplift Desk Commercial V2, frame-only. C-Frame, 27.5" feet, black, with the Advanced Digital Memory Keypad. 32" x 80" unfinished solid core door. The exact one I bought doesn’t seem to be available on Home Depot’s website anymore, but there’s a similar (smaller) version here.

Zotero and Obsidian Literature Notes

Setting up Zotero as a reference manager, and Obsidian as a note taking app for references downloaded in Zotero. Setup Install Zotero. Sign in and wait for sync, this might take a sec. You can click the icon in the top right to force a sync if it’s not happening automatically. Download latest release from here and then in Zotero -> tools -> addons -> install addon from file, install the thing you just downloaded.